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About the Journal

About the Journal

The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat started off in 1990 under the editorship of Professor Behbut Cevanşir in order to fill the gap of insufficient publications of our field at that time. In the beginning, it was aimed to be a quarternal journal, but until the year 2000 was indexed by TÜBİTAK and ULAKBİM and monthly issues were published. By 2002, our journal appeared in Index Medicus and was indexed by PUBMeD between 2000 and 2016. Despite many difficulties, our aim was to provide continuity of the journal without sacrificing the its original quality. Currently, we are able to publish our journal with the support of Turkish Society of Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery. Since 2002, six issues were printed with an average of 70 articles yearly. Our journal has helped many colleagues in their academic promotions as well as in the training of many residents and young specialists, which we take a major pride in.

Our journal, having published its latest issue (Vol 27, Number 6, Nov-Dec 2017) is now celebrating its 27th year. Our journal is published in English. We believe that Tr-ENT wil regain its place at PubMed and hope that our ideal to be indexed at SCI fulfilled soon. All efforts done with perseverance, belief and will have always been the key for success.

The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat has been published in Turkish and English as of the publication of its first issue in the year 1990 until its final issue of 2017 (The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat Year 2017 Volume 27 Issue 6) for 27 years.
Our journal has decided to proceed with publication in English as of Year 2018 Volume 28 Issue 1, thus the name and ISSN of the journal have been changed. Furthermore, the journal, which was published as 6 issues per year until the final issue of the year 2017, will continue to be published as 4 issues as of the year 2018.

Former name of the journal: Kulak Burun Boğaz İhtisas Dergisi (P-ISNN: 1300-7475 / E-ISNN: 2147-6756)

New name of the journal: Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat (E-ISSN: 2602-4837)

Previous issues of the journal may be accessed using the above information.

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