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The incidence of septal deviation in newborns [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2002; 9(2): 117-120

The incidence of septal deviation in newborns

Kemal Uygur1, Murat Yarıktaş, Mustafa Tüz, Fehmi Döner, Asude Özgan

Objectives: To determine the incidence of septum
deviation and dislocation in newborns and to investigate
relationships between these pathologies and
maternal causes and the mode of delivery.
Patients and Methods: The study included 195 mothers
and 200 newborns, of which 10 were twins. Vaginal
and cesarean deliveries were performed in 147
(73.5%) and 53 (26.5%) newborns, respectively. All
newborns were examined with the use of anterior
rhinoscopy. The nasal pyramid, columella, and septum
were assessed to detect septal deviation or dislocation.
Results: Twenty-three cases (15.6%) of vaginal
delivery had septal deviation, while five (3.4%) had
septal dislocation. In the newborns delivered by
cesarean section, eight (15.1%) had septal deviation,
but none had dislocation. Significant correlations
were noted between pregnancy, delivery period,
the way of delivery and the incidence of septal
deviation and columella dislocation (p<0.05). There
was a significant correlation between head circumference
and columella dislocation (p<0.05).
Conclusion: Since early reconstruction of the
potential pathologies may be problem-solving, a
careful rhinologic examination should be carried out
in the newborns who have prolonged delivery,
increased head circumference, and vaginal delivery.

Keywords: Birth injuries/diagnosis; dislocations/etiology;infant, newborn; labor complications; nasal septum/injuries/abnormalities; nose/abnormalities; nose deformities,acquired/etiology; pregnancy.

Yenidoğanlarda septum deviasyonu*

Kemal Uygur1, Murat Yarıktaş, Mustafa Tüz, Fehmi Döner, Asude Özgan


Anahtar Kelimeler: Doğum yaralanmaları/tanı; dislokasyon/etyoloji; bebek, yenidoğan; doğum komplikasyonu;nazal septum/yaralanma/anormallik; burun/anormallik; burundeformiteleri, edinsel/etyoloji; gebelik.

Kemal Uygur, Murat Yarıktaş, Mustafa Tüz, Fehmi Döner, Asude Özgan. The incidence of septal deviation in newborns. Tr-ENT. 2002; 9(2): 117-120

Corresponding Author: Kemal Uygur
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