E-ISSN 2602-4837
The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat - Tr-ENT: 21 (6)
Volume: 21  Issue: 6 - 2011
1.Pull-through resection and peroral resection in early-stage (T1 and T2) tongue and floor of the mouth cancers: a comparison of two techniques
Nermin Başerer, Murat Damar
PMID: 22014295  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.047  Pages 305 - 311

2.Neuropsychiatric symptoms, quality of sleep and quality of life in patients diagnosed with nasal septal deviation
Tülin Fidan, Vural Fidan, Mehmet Ak, Yavuz Sütbeyaz
PMID: 22014296  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.048  Pages 312 - 317

3.The comparison of preoperative examination, computed tomography and peroperative macroscopic inspection in the determination of anterior commissural involvement in laryngeal cancer
Banu Atalay Erdoğan, Fatih Bora, Timur Batmaz, Serdar Ceylan, Zeki Yüce, Erdal Oltulu
PMID: 22014297  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.049  Pages 318 - 325

4.Is there any relationship between the frontal cell and the Agger nasi cell and the localization of the anterior ethmoid artery?
Filiz Aydoğan, Selda Demir, Emine Aydın, Eren Taştan, Ali Kavuzlu
PMID: 22014298  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.050  Pages 326 - 332

5.Placement technique of extended spreader grafts
Selçuk İnanlı, Gediz Murat Serin, Şenol Polat, Elif Aksoy
PMID: 22014299  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.051  Pages 333 - 337

6.Two cases with unusual mycetoma localizations in upper respiratory system
Devrim Bektaş, Ahmet Ural, Rahmet Çaylan, Osman Bahadır, Neslihan Kul, Refik Çaylan
PMID: 22014300  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.052  Pages 338 - 340

7.A fatal case of necrotizing fasciitis of the neck
Üstün Osma, Hülya Eyigör, Mustafa Deniz Yılmaz
PMID: 22014301  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.053  Pages 341 - 344

8.Conjugate pneumococcal vaccines and influence on the ear, nose and throat area
Ahmet Almaç, F Demir Kuru
PMID: 22014302  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.054  Pages 345 - 348

9.Anterior approach in otoplasty
Yaşar Çokkeser, Emre Karaoğlu
PMID: 22014303  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.055  Pages 349 - 355

10.Management of bacterial rhinosinusitis by primary health care physicians
Viroj Wiwanitkit
PMID: 22014304  doi: 10.5606/kbbihtisas.2011.056  Page 356
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