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The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat The role of thyroplasty in the management of sulcus vocalis [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2007; 17(1): 13-17

The role of thyroplasty in the management of sulcus vocalis

Tolga Kandoğan1

Objectives: The results of objective and subjective
evaluation of postoperative vocal function were
assessed in patients treated with thyroplasty for the
correction of sulcus vocalis.
Patients and Methods: Six patients (5 males, 1
female; mean age 26 years; range 18 to 34 years)
underwent thyroplasty for sulcus vocalis. Voice evaluations
were performed one week before and two
months after surgery. None of the patients had voice
therapy before evaluations in the postoperative period.
The mean follow-up period was 14.8 months.
Results: Compared to the preoperative values,
postoperative voice handicap index scores were
significantly different (p=0.002). However, the difference
between the dysphonia severity index (DSI)
scores were not significant (p=0.810).
Conclusion: A subjective rather than an objective
improvement was observed in voice. Our results
suggest that, in the evaluation of voice patients,
therapeutic success should not be based only on
objective criteria, but subjective criteria should also
be considered.

Keywords: Thyroid cartilage/surgery; speech acoustics;vocal cords/pathology/surgery; voice disorders/surgery.

Sulkus vokalis tedavisinde tiroplastinin yeri

Tolga Kandoğan1


Anahtar Kelimeler: Tiroit kartilaj/cerrahi; konuşma akusti-ği; vokal kord/patoloji/cerrahi; ses hastalıkları/cerrahi.

Tolga Kandoğan. The role of thyroplasty in the management of sulcus vocalis. Tr-ENT. 2007; 17(1): 13-17

Corresponding Author: Tolga Kandoğan
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