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The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat Causes of dysphonia in patients above 60 years of age [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2003; 11(5): 139-143

Causes of dysphonia in patients above 60 years of age

Tolga Kandoğan1, Levent Olgun, Gürol Gültekin

Objectives: We evaluated the causes of hoarseness
in patients above 60 years of age.
Patients and Methods: The study included 98
patients (40 females, 58 males; mean age 64 years;
range 60 to 77 years) who presented with hoarseness.
All the patients were examined by videolaryngoscopy.
Temporary hoarseness secondary to respiratory
tract infections was excluded.
Results: The most common cause of hoarseness
was benign vocal fold lesions (28.6%) followed by
malignant lesions (27.6%), vocal fold paralysis
(25.5%), functional dysphonia (10.2%), and presbyphonia
(8.2%). Laryngopharyngeal reflux was found
in 13 patients (13.3%). Fourteen male and 11 female
patients had paralysis of the recurrent laryngeal
nerve. Malignancies that caused hoarseness without
paralyzing the vocal folds were larynx carcinoma
(n=18), hypopharynx carcinoma (n=8), and multiple
malignancy (n=1).
Conclusion: Our data show that dysphonia develops
due to disease processes associated with aging
rather than to physiologic aging alone. Considering
adverse influences of dysphonia on the quality of life
of elderly population, efforts should be directed to
elucidation of the cause and to performing appropriate

Keywords: Aged; aging/physiology; laryngeal diseases;laryngeal neoplasms; quality of life; vocal cord paralysis/diagnosis;vocal cords/physiopathology; voice/physiology; voicedisorders/etiology/diagnosis/physiopathology; voice quality.

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Tolga Kandoğan1, Levent Olgun, Gürol Gültekin


Anahtar Kelimeler: Yaşlılık; yaşlanma/fizyoloji; larenjealhastalıklar; larenjeal neoplaziler; yaşam kalitesi; vokal kordparalizisi/tanı; vokal kord/fizyopatoloji; ses/fizyoloji; ses hastalıkları/etyoloji/tanı/fizyopatoloji; ses kalitesi.

Tolga Kandoğan, Levent Olgun, Gürol Gültekin. Causes of dysphonia in patients above 60 years of age. Tr-ENT. 2003; 11(5): 139-143

Corresponding Author: Tolga Kandoğan
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