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The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat Head and neck cancers in geriatric patients [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2009; 19(1): 45-54

Head and neck cancers in geriatric patients

Ercihan Güney1, Sedat Çağlı, İmdat Yüce

Cancer is a disease the incidence of which rises
with age. Given that the risk of developing cancer
increases with advancing age, a growing number of
elderly patients will need treatment for cancer in the
future, and head and neck surgeons are increasingly
being faced with therapeutic dilemmas regarding
this age group. Related publications show that
older patients are less likely than younger patients to
receive standard treatment. Therapeutical planning
must be based not only on tumor characteristics, but
also on the physiological, rather than the chronological,
age of the patient. Comorbidity is the most
important factor in less intensively treatment of elderly
patients. Complete geriatric assessment and a multidisiclinary
approach are the crucial points. Surgeons,
radiation therapy specialists, medical oncologists and
geriatricians must actively cooperate in this setting.
Recruitment of elderly cancer patients to more clinical
trials is needed to enhance our knowledge and to
offer optimum treatment to this unique subgroup.

Keywords: Comorbidity; geriatric; head and neck cancer

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Ercihan Güney1, Sedat Çağlı, İmdat Yüce


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Ercihan Güney, Sedat Çağlı, İmdat Yüce. Head and neck cancers in geriatric patients. Tr-ENT. 2009; 19(1): 45-54

Corresponding Author: Ercihan Güney
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