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The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat Laryngeal cysts: a report of three cases with varying presentations [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2003; 10(5): 199-202

Laryngeal cysts: a report of three cases with varying presentations

Sudhakiran Kalavagunta1

Cysts in the larynx are not uncommon and assume
importance due to their potential to compromise the
airway. A series of three cases of laryngeal cysts is
presented. Voice, swallowing, and breathing are the
prime functions served by the upper aerodigestive
tract, and the three cases presented here illustrate
how each of these functions can be interfered with
by the development of laryngeal cysts. Despite the
presence of overlapping symptoms, there were only
subtle symptoms at the onset such as globus sensation
(case 1), worsening asthma (case 2), and
vocal fatigue (case 3). This case series highlights
the importance of understanding these subtle symptoms
and the need for a thorough search for these
benign but offending laryngeal cysts.

Keywords: Airway obstruction/etiology; cysts/classification/complications/surgery; laryngeal diseases/classification/complications/surgery.

Klinik sunumları farklı üç olguda larenks kistleri

Sudhakiran Kalavagunta1


Anahtar Kelimeler: Havayolu tıkanıklığı/etyloji; kist/sınıflandırma/komplikasyon/cerrahi; larenjeal hastalıklar/sınıflandırma/komplikasyon/cerrahi.

Sudhakiran Kalavagunta. Laryngeal cysts: a report of three cases with varying presentations. Tr-ENT. 2003; 10(5): 199-202

Corresponding Author: Sudhakiran Kalavagunta
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