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Tr-ENT. 2020; 30(4): 118-122 | DOI: 10.5606/Tr-ENT.2020.88942

The effect of vitamin D levels on prognosis of patients with facial paralysis

Ayşe Enise Göker1, Semih Karaketir2, Maide Hacer Alagöz3, Ayca Başkadem Yılmazer1, Hüseyin Sarı1, Hasan Sami Bircan1, Nilgün Başaran3
1Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul Turkey
2Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Bulanık State Hospital, Muş, Turkey
3Department of Biochemistry, Department Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul Turkey

INTRODUCTION: This study aims to investigate the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 [25(OH)D3] levels of patients with Bell’s palsy (BP), and to evaluate their role in prognosis and their impact on the disease etiology.
METHODS: A total of 49 patients (30 males, 19 females; mean age: 42.2±13.6 years; range, 19 to 67 years) who were diagnosed with BP and treated at our clinic between October 2019 and April 2020 were included. Blood samples were collected within 24 h after the onset of BP symptoms, and a standard oral pharmacological treatment was administered with prednisolone 1 mg/kg for 10 days and acyclovir 700 mg/day for six days. All patients were graded according to the House-Brackmann scale (HBS). The patients were divided into three groups as Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade ≥4. The patients with BP were further divided into two groups as healed (n=36) and not-healed ones (n=13). The vitamin D levels of the groups were compared.
RESULTS: Eleven (22%) patients were in the Grade 2 group, 21 (43%) patients were in the Grade 3 group, and 17 (35%) patients were in the Grade ≥4 group. A significant decrease in vitamin D levels was observed in the patients with HBS Grade ≥4, compared to Grade 3 and Grade 2 groups (p=0.002 and p<0.001, respectively). Vitamin D levels were significantly higher among the patients without sequelae than those with sequelae (p<0.001).
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: Our study results indicate that vitamin D deficiency can affect prognosis of BP patients.

Keywords: Bell’s palsy, facial paralysis, vitamin D deficiency.

Ayşe Enise Göker, Semih Karaketir, Maide Hacer Alagöz, Ayca Başkadem Yılmazer, Hüseyin Sarı, Hasan Sami Bircan, Nilgün Başaran. The effect of vitamin D levels on prognosis of patients with facial paralysis. Tr-ENT. 2020; 30(4): 118-122

Sorumlu Yazar: Semih Karaketir, Türkiye
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