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The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat The efficacy of voice therapy in vocal cord nodules [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2019; 29(1): 28-33 | DOI: 10.5606/Tr-ENT.2019.02486

The efficacy of voice therapy in vocal cord nodules

Rasim Yılmazer1, Gayem Köprücü Süzer2, Yusufhan Süoğlu3
1Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Demiroğlu Bilim University, Istanbul, Turkey
2Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Istanbul American Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
3Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Istanbul University Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey

INTRODUCTION: This study aims to investigate the efficacy of voice therapy in the treatment of vocal cord nodules with subjective and objective measurements.
METHODS: The study included 20 female patients with vocal cord nodules. The patients were divided into two groups randomly as study and control groups. Ten patients in the study group (mean age 30.4±8.1 years; range, 21 to 47 years) received voice therapy and anti-reflux treatment. Ten patients in the control group (mean age 32.1±10.5 years; range, 18 to 49 years) received anti-reflux treatment and vocal hygiene education. Voice Handicap Index-10 (VHI-10) questionnaire was completed, the maximum phonation time (MPT) and s/z ratio were measured, acoustic and aerodynamic analyses were performed on voice recordings before and after the treatments for both groups. Pre- and post-treatment videolaryngostroboscopic examinations were performed and the results were compared.
RESULTS: Maximum phonation time increased in the study group (p=0.042) but did not change in the control group. There was no difference in either group in terms of VHI-10, s/z ratio, average fundamental frequency, mean sound pressure level or air flow rate. In the study group, one vocal cord nodule disappeared, five vocal cord nodules decreased in size, and four remained the same. In the control group, four vocal cord nodules remained the same and six decreased in size.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: The majority of the vocal cord nodules did not disappear with voice therapy while they decreased in size. We observed an increment only in the MPT.

Keywords: Acoustic analysis, nodule, vocal cord, Voice Handicap Index, voice therapy.

Rasim Yılmazer, Gayem Köprücü Süzer, Yusufhan Süoğlu. The efficacy of voice therapy in vocal cord nodules. Tr-ENT. 2019; 29(1): 28-33

Corresponding Author: Rasim Yılmazer, Türkiye
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