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The Turkish Journal of Ear Nose and Throat Vertigo and medico-legal problems [Tr-ENT]
Tr-ENT. 2005; 15(2): 91-95

Vertigo and medico-legal problems

Ali Fuat Işık1

Forensic medicine deals with the interactions of medical
science with the law. All branches of medicine can
play a role in dealing with medico-legal problems.
Clinical and forensic evaluators need to be able to recognize
variations of symptoms or syndromes that “don’t
read the textbooks”. Atypical presentations of dizziness
or vertigo have the potential to cause much confusion
in diagnosis, treatment planning, and legal adjudication,
if not correctly recognized. This article describes
the forensic medicine in the legal system and forensic
aspects of other medical specialities, gives an overview
about medicolegal viewpoint of vertigo and at last
underline the importance of objective clinical and
forensic evaluation of the patient with vertigo.

Keywords: Dizziness/diagnosis; forensic medicine; physicalexamination; sensation disorders; vertigo/physiopathology;vestibular diseases/complications.

Vertigo ve adli tıp sorunları

Ali Fuat Işık1


Anahtar Kelimeler: Baş dönmesi/tanı; adli tıp; fizik muayene;duyu bozuklukları; vertigo/fizyopatoloji; vestibüler hastalık/komplikasyon.

Ali Fuat Işık. Vertigo and medico-legal problems. Tr-ENT. 2005; 15(2): 91-95

Corresponding Author: Ali Fuat Işık
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